The NuMe Difference


This is not a quick fix program. For fad diets - and there are plenty out there - see Google. For health empowerment and sustainable transformation, you’ve found the right place. 

NuMe Dietitians and their programs are about creating a new understanding of nutrition so that food works for you rather than against you.


We want you to know what we know:
The secrets to good health and nutrition usually come down to a few key concepts.  As Nutritionist's (and Dietitian's) we are trained to apply these concepts across the full spectrum of people. We have many years experience helping our clients to embrace the aspects of nutrition that will help them most. This gives them the confidence to avoid the fad diets that are ever present in the media.

We want you to get the best value:
NuMe Natural gives you all the information (including a tailored meal plan) before your first consultation.  This allows you to make a start right away.  When we get to your consultation, the basics are already underway so there is more time.  This extra time allows us to go into more depth and find more ways to improve your health. 

We want you to succeed:
We are frequently humbled and inspired by the courage and commitment of people who choose to work with us to create their results. When you succeed; we succeed which is a great feeling for us both. So our motivation is not exactly altruistic, it's really a bit selfish. With both practitioner and client focused on feeling good, great results happen.

If you think we are a good match then feel free to contact us or make a booking.

We look forward to helping you discover an eating style that supports your health and vitality.