Think back to a time to when you were at your healthiest. Do you still feel the same way? Can you pinpoint a moment in time when your health started to go downhill? Many people have not felt 100% since having a virus or other infection.

You may currently take zinc when you have a cold or flu. However, did you know that your cells need zinc on a daily basis? The adult body contains approximately 2.0 to 3.0 g of zinc, mostly stored inside your cells.

Most people have experienced low energy or fatigue at some point in their lives. After juggling home, work and family life, it’s no wonder there is little energy left for yourself!

Each year the festive season poses a challenge to sustaining your health.

Stress is a natural, evolutionary body response. You will instinctively react to stress with a fight, flight or freeze type reaction.

A sign of a healthy gut is not only good digestion, but also passing regular, formed bowel motions and being free from uncomfortable symptoms.

With it's abundance of processed food, increased stress and reduced opportunities for exercise; it's no surprise that modern life puts a strain on the body. The increased exposure to toxins builds up and can lead to health problems; a sign that th

Stealth pathogens include bacteria and viruses that can hide from the immune system. They get into the body like any other pathogen but once inside they can hide by copying other molecules (so the immune system does not recognise them).

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI's) are common, with over 50% of women experiencing one in their lifetime.

You've probably heard about them and may even know somebody who has one - but what exactly is an autoimmune condition? Auto means "self", so an autoimmune condition occurs when the body's immune system loses it's balance and targets itself.