Crude Oils

Oils ain't oils....well some oils make better fuel for your body than others.  Oil is really about fats, and fats have copped so much bad press in the past it's no wonder many of us feel guilt and confusion at the idea of eating them.  This is not wholly justified for the fact is: your body needs fat to function.  The debate on which type of fat and how much continues, but the point is: eating good fats will not necessarily make you fat and sometimes the exact opposite is true.  With the right amount of good quality fats you are likely to want less of the foods that you know are doing you no good.

There are some wonderful oil rich foods that taste good and provide quality fat input.  You can't go wrong with cold pressed virgin olive oil; and fresh nuts, seeds and avocado provide fibre, minerals and vitamins along with a healthy dose of fat.  Turn olive oil into pesto, avocado into a spicy guacamole spread, sesame seeds into a tahini dressing.  Nuts processed with dates and cacao make delicious bliss balls and seeds like chia or flax added to a smoothie add texture and nutrition.  Or just keep it simple and eat your nuts straight as a snack.

But what about the dreaded saturated fats such as butter, ghee, cheese, cream and coconut oil?  Are they really as evil as they've been made out to be?  The current debate about this is certainly heated with opinions divided.  What is clear though is that no-one is saying to eat more take-away fried foods, more chips or processed bicuits, and certainly no trans fats.

What is helpful to know is that a blanced intake of fats from whole food sources goes a long way towards a creating a healthy body.  Of course if you have diabetes, high cholesterol or heart disease it is best to talk to your health professional to get advice specific for your situation.

Including enough fat to deliver delicious flavour to your meal can make highly processed fast foods less appealing.  Finding your ideal ratio of fat, carbohydrate and protein can solve so many food craving issues with minimal effort.