Dinner for Breakfast

I grew up on a farm so a traditional breakfast of eggs with lambs fry or sausage was common in our house.  Like most kids, I loved sweet things wanted cereal but Mum insisted on a proper breakfast, especially on school days.  At the time I could only guess at her meaning but nowdays I think she was onto something.  I've since learnt that when I make breakfast my heartiest meal: my energy levels are better; I'm calmer and less likely to get stressed; and I rarely get sugar cravings later in the day.

Many people (but not all) get a similar result.  The key is macronutrient balance.  To fill the tank properly, you need to consider protein, fats and carbs. For example, eggs provide protein (the white) and fat (the yolk). Putting this with a slice of wholegrain toast or legumes (mostly carbohydrate) will create a more balanced meal.  The stomach feels content and blood sugar levels are more stable.  This will likely allow you to power on into the midday without the late morning crash that demands a sugar hit to get you through to lunch.  A mid morning snack may still be a good idea, but if you don't get time for this you are less likely to become irritable.

The tradtional cooked breakfast is just one example of a solid start to the day.  You could also try a 'dinner style'  breakfast like adding chicken to a rice noodle soup (along with mushrooms, shallots and miso).  With ingredients in the fridge prepared earlier (and a little practice) this is as quick as making porridge.

So what to have for dinner then?  If you listen to your body it will give you clues for what and how much to eat.  You may discover that by evening you feel more satisfied than usual.  Then there is no need for a big meal.  You could have a smaller portion than usual, or you could turn dinner into a snack, like humus on crackers with tomato or a piece of sourdough toast with avocado and freshly ground sea salt and pepper. The key is tuning into your body. If you are hungry in the morning, eat a hearty breakfast. If not, then go for something lighter - perhaps lunch is your time to dine.