Don't Die Dieting

I think most people feel that dieting is a drag.  I sure do and what's worse: it often doesn't work.  It doesn't help that your body and mind has evolved to survive food shortage and will sometimes resist your attempts to lose weight.  Of course, here we should explain what we mean by the word di​et as really, di​et is just a word to describe what you eat.  But it also suggests a way to eat for some purpose.  This purpose may be to: lose weight, avoid gluten, sugar, dairy, meat or even to 'bulk up' and gain weight at the gym.

If the diet requires you to eat foods you don't like and avoid too many of your favourites, it's unlikley to work for you long term.

In our modern world with it's abundance of highly available food, trying to deprive yourself of too much is going to be difficult and (statistically) likely to fail.  Resisting the urges might work for a while but sooner or later you will want to the dieting to end so you can go back to eating what you enjoy.  It's tough because even if a diet is successful all the hard work is often lost in the weeks or months after it's over.

I've designed NuMe with Jodie as a sustainable way to improve your health and keep it by rediscovering and reinventing your ideas about food, and feeling how your body responds to that.  Instead of dieting, you will discover your eating style: a powerful way to stay healthy via a deeper understanding of nutrition and awareness of your own body.  I want you to be able to have what you enjoy eating with the right balance of nutrition so you feel satisfied, not deprived.  This way you have a healthy lifestyle that can be maintained without being dragged down by a cycle of dieting.