So Many Diets So Little Time

Low fat, low carb, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, ayuvedic, ketogenic... with so many (often contradictory) ways to eat how is anyone supposed to know what is healthy and not? Finding what works for you is the best way; we all have different body types and lifestyles so there simply is not one diet to rule them all.

There are some basics that will help you create healthy eating habits in your life. A good start is to get the balance of macro nutrients right. Macro nutrients are: protein, carbohydrates and fat. The human body needs all three of these in a balance to function efficiently (it also needs fibre, but we'll assume this comes with the carbohydrate). For example, too much carbohydrate and not enough protein is likely to leave you feeling hungry even when you have had enough. Some theories suggest that the body is not getting what it needs so it keeps asking for more food.

This macro nutrient balance can be achieved in different ways. When you know what the foods you love contain it's easy to balance it out without missing out. Often it is a case of simply changing the amount you have of each type of food. With the right information finding the balance that suits your body type and lifestyle can be easy and satisfying.

Too much of one nutrient and not enough of another can lead to a range of problems including: digestion complaints, low energy and weight-gain. The recipes on NuMe have macro nutrient tables designed to help you learn more about what the food you eat provides.

See the NuMe recipes here. You can adapt them to suit your needs by clicking on the different serving suggestions.

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