We all know it's good to drink plenty of water especially on hot days in summer.  Water is a great drink but sometimes we want something that has a little more.  Soft drinks, fruit juices, alcoholic drinks and flavoured milks can be tempting but the high sugar content of these can seriously undermine our efforts to stay healthy.  

To start the year off, I thought I’d indulge in promoting one of my favourite tips for eating well: “Grow a Veggie Garden"

Research has found that the antioxidants in chocolate (known as cocoa polyphenols) may improve blood pressure and insulin sensitivity.  This has inspired media headlines to proclaim dark chocolate as a health food.  For people like me who love chocolate this is great news, but is it too good to be true?

Low fat, low carb, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, ayuvedic, ketogenic... with so many (often contradictory) ways to eat how is anyone supposed to know what is healthy and not?

Most of us have experienced it at some point: gripping pains, nausea and frequent trips to the bathroom. I'm travelling overseas at present and making it a priority to keep those nasty bugs out. However, you don't need to be in a foreign country to get an upset belly.

I've been asked many questions about low carb diets. Do I recommend them? How much carb is low carb? Will it help me?

Protein is an essential nutrient that is often overlooked. The body needs it, not just for repairing and building body tissues, but also for building enzymes, immune system function, some hormones and even for transporting other nutrients around the body.

I think most people feel that dieting is a drag.  I sure do and what's worse: it often doesn't work.  It doesn't help that your body and mind has evolved to survive food shortage and will sometimes resist your attempts to lose weight.

I grew up on a farm so a traditional breakfast of eggs with lambs fry or sausage was common in our house.  Like most kids, I loved sweet things wanted cereal but Mum insisted on a proper breakfast, especially on school days.

Oils ain't oils....well some oils make better fuel for your body than others.  Oil is really about fats, and fats have copped so much bad press in the past it's no wonder many of us feel guilt and confusion at the idea of eating them.  This is not wholly justified for the fact is: your body needs fat to function.