Frequently Asked Questions

You can Book Online of simply contact us directly by email or phone. Skype appointments are also available

If you have an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Program in place, the short answer is yes. However, there are some important points to note:

1) Your GP can advise if you are eligible for an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Program.
2) A valid EPC entitiles you to a rebate of $52.95 back off the cost of the consultation.
3) There is a maximum of five rebates per calendar year across all of Allied Health Services.
4) Once you have used all five rebates, no further rebate can be process until the next calendar year.

For further information about your eligibility, contact Medicare and/or talk with your GP.

Yes, Hicaps is available at the Pomona clinic. If you would like to know the gap payment contact your private health insurer. They are best placed to advise you on the details of your policy. Listed services for Jodie Persovic are: Nutritionist, Dietitian and Naturopath.

Click here for details on the fee schedule.

You start straight away. You will receive your first coaching email within an hour after joining. You may need to check your promotions or spam inbox, as your email account may not recognise who the email is from initially. This email will have links to your NuMe e-Guide, Food Matrix, 2 Week Menu, Goal Setting guide and more.

You are welcome to book an appointment without joining a program. Just go to Online Booking to choose an appointment time that suits you. We will send you a welcome email with details on our upcoming Skype appointment as well as a summary on how to best prepare for your consultation.

The NuMe Online Reduce and Sustain programs are all designed for adults over eighteen years of age. NuMe Complete is the best option for teenagers over thirteen, although the parent or guardian will need to purchase and oversee the program on their behalf. Alternatively, you can book an Initial Consultation through Online Booking or contact us directly.