NuMe Natural


Specialised Natural Health Support

This six week program includes one-on-one consultations with your Qualified Health Practitioner, and you start straight away with your individualised dietary plan ready to download in minutes!


Whether your goal is to; lose weight, reduce pain, improve digestive problems or simply to feel better, this program can help. Your Cellular Health and Body Composition is also measured three times during your program with a comprehensive report generated each time. 

You also receive all the benefits of NuMe Online (see the video and blue table below). 

So why not start today, just click the green button and follow the steps to join...



The online tools allow you to cover the basics in your own time so when we work one-on-one there is more time for your deeper health concerns. 


* The consultations (one initial and two review) are included in the package price and are valid to use in the first six weeks from commencing the program. The face to face consultations are available through the Pomona clinic location. The time-frame is designed to support your commitment and this maximises your investment, helping you to get the best results possible. 

* Also included is up to twenty minutes of professional advice over the phone for any questions you may have between consultations during the program.


Price: $390.00